What to say to a guy on Tinder to seduce him

Guys might seem to be easy to seduce if a girl is sexy enough on her photos. But pictures still aren’t enough to impress someone, especially if the physical look isn’t that perfect.

Don’t worry, words are effective for seducing someone as well. You can always compensate the lack of hotness or a confident face expression with your naughty phrases and sexy hints. Speed date open for nex visitors.

“I find you very attractive. Would you go to a bed with me?” These words from a famous song are flattering just because they are so well-known. You’ll easily succeed with them.

“Something about you is such a strong turn-on for me”. Wow, it sounds so instinct-based and helpless, in the most feminine way. A guy will be wondering what exactly turned you on.

“You’d be the first priority in my busy schedule”. Giving a hint on your popularity is stimulating for any man, including successful ones. Use this little trick each time you hook up online.

“I looked through many profiles today but you’re the hottest”. Flattering is always a key, but single guys also enjoy when a girl is straightforward enough.



22 thoughts on “What to say to a guy on Tinder to seduce him

  1. Anonymous Reply

    It is important to make sure you are communicating with real people, not fakes.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    A good hookup site should have an environment where you can find like-minded individuals.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    You can also use the search feature to find a pregnant woman who’s interested in a hookup.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    If you want to hookup with a man who’s pregnant, join an online dating site.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    While traditional dating sites are geared towards men, lesbian dating apps can offer a safe space for women.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    There’s a high ratio of female users on HER, so you’re guaranteed to find a match.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    When you’re looking for a woman to hookup with, you should try HER.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    There’s nothing worse than finding the right woman online if you’re not careful!

  9. Anonymous Reply

    The best ones are ones that are free to use and don’t require real contact information.

  10. Anonymous Reply

    These websites are great for hooking up with women who are in a relationship, but don’t want to put themselves in a situation where they are not happy.

  11. Anonymous Reply

    If you’re married, you can share your phone number with the woman you’re interested in, but be sure not to reveal your real number.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    You can also try video chat to avoid disappointments and safety concerns.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    If you are single and want to meet women for dating, you need to step outside of your comfort zone.

  14. Anonymous Reply

    You should avoid places where women go to relax and get harrassment.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Women love guys who are different from them and go places that don’t look like a man’s usual hangouts.

  16. Anonymous Reply

    You should show them that you are interested in them by being present and making eye contact.

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