Ukrainian women vs Asian women: details you didn’t know about

Appearances comparison: who is more beautiful?

Characters comparison: who is more loving?

Sexuality comparison: who is hotter?

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Appearances comparison: who is more beautiful?

Ukrainian girls are often compared to Asian girls, first of all, because both nationalities are popular for the purposes of international dating. But, is this comparison really fair?

Let’s start from the type of appearance. Surprisingly, they can be compared indeed. You see, Ukrainian women are often called black-browed beauties, in many songs and famous novels.

They are also equipped with dark eyes, dark chestnut hair, and olive skin accordingly. Faces are often with prominent cheekbones or just cheeky, which adds more similarity with Asians.

The only difference if to talk about face, is wide open eyes, but due to mixed ethnicities typical for Ukraine, some women have almond-shaped eyes and look quite exotic.Asian people app

As to the body shapes, both nationalities tend to remain slim, but Asians are shorter and skinnier than Ukrainians. So it really depends on a man’s preferences and wishes.

Now the clothes come, both Ukrainian ladies and Asian women like to wear something bright and fancy. At the same time, both nationalities are ok with casual sportive clothes within daily routine.

It is absolutely for sure that women in Ukraine wear high heels much more often than any Asian girl who adore having cool sneakers on them even along with cocktail dresses.

The hairstyle, you can easily imagine by yourself: Asian women don’t have a big choice with their straight and stubborn hair, they just dye it into blonde or pink colour especially when young.

Ukrainian girls, with their classical type of beauty and Slavic traditions, wear all possible kinds of hairstyles even the simplest and cutest two braids. But they prefer wavy hair down their back.


Characters comparison: who is more loving?

It’s pretty hard to compare Ukrainian and Asian women’s characters since they are differently programmed by their societies. Ukrainian girls are rather out of patriarchy.

They aren’t into feminism either, but they like feeling equal with their partner, in the atmosphere of mutual respect. They also don’t mind to make the first step or dominate if a man likes.

This behaviour was formed during centuries of Ukrainian history, when all victories were earned by either proud princesses like Olga, or by Hetmans whose female companions were strong too.

As you probably know, there was a Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv in 2014, quite a tragic event of course, but it showed the strength of the whole nation including women.

In any case, these girls who seem fragile, are in fact very brave and always ready to protect their beloved one, their kid, or their close people if needed. They used to take big decisions, too.Asia for hookups

Ukraine was one of the countries which suffered the most during the World War II. When it was over, women had to either survive in hard conditions or take care of disabled men.

This experience still can be felt since modern Ukrainian girls remain protective in a good way, caring, with motherly attitude, yet they suggest their own ways to solve this or that situation.

Honestly, it’s a big help for a man in our crazy world where everything can happen. Only tot every man’s mentality allows to tolerate a strong woman or accept any help from her.

With Asian women, it’s all the opposite. They are strong of course, in regard of constant hard work or managing the corporate intrigues if a woman is wealthy. But it’s a must that a man decides all.

During the courtship, an Asian woman shall never make the first step, and will pretend to resist when a man makes. It’s a bit hypocrite, but it’s also a female wisdom to always let a man act.

These social patterns are also applicable to the sexual sphere, and one can say in advance what kind of woman’s attitude is waiting for him in a bed, in Asian countries or in Ukraine.


Sexuality comparison: who is hotter?

Greatest admirers of women would say that all girls on Earth are sexy without an exception, and it’s surely so. But making love to women from different countries is like trying different dishes.

Sometimes, it’s better to know in advance what you’re going to try, like with Fugu fish. Well, Asian women are somewhat more predictable in a bed than Ukrainian ones, although sexy anyway.

Like it was said, they never make the first step or the first kiss in a relationship, it’s kind of inacceptable for their culture. Even when already in a bed together, they keep on playing little girls.

Honestly, this manner and roleplay are very exciting for Asian men, and for some westerners too. But non-Asian people got used to a big diversity of experiences so they may want a change.

To be fair, Asian women are easily adapted to western preferences, and at the extreme point, can even play a dominatrix. But it usually means she turned to a pro and stopped to be a family keeper.

For Ukrainian girls, on the opposite, it’s more typical to be very diverse in sex, to easily switch the roles, to experiment fearlessly, and to get as naughty as their man wants, without any harm.Asian hotties app

They can still be perfect wives and mothers, but their inner wildness is always there for a right partner who knows how to provoke it and deal with it. They can be called goddesses of love.

Both Asian and Ukrainian female lovers have their own tricks for bedtime, able to drive a man crazy. Guess you wouldn’t want to miss any of these two opportunities.

There are also some nuances that are important to know, in order not to fail. For example, Japanese girls and some other Asians are ok to play with sex toys, not on the first date though.

While a Ukrainian woman would never reach that point without developing a lot of trust and chemistry with the flow of time. But, they welcome many other kids of foreplay and intercourse.

One can get intimate with a Ukrainian girl in public if she accepts, which almost doesn’t happen in Asia. However, some indoor moments brightly overshine any publicity.

Both Asian and Ukrainian women enjoy wearing sexy lingerie, which is a huge plus for a single western man. It is known that western girls really prefer sportive and casual underwear.

As a summary, women of both origin are equally sexy, just girls from Ukraine are more imaginative and initiative while Asian hotties follow certain cultural scenarios.


Travel tips for beginners

Millions of men are travelling to Asia for hookups or with marital purposes, especially to Thailand and Indonesia. These countries are hot in all possible meanings.

Thousands of single men are travelling to Ukraine as well, thousands not millions simply because it’s smaller. Many of them have no clue what to do or not to do in Ukraine.

First of all, hookup girls are not as easy to find in Ukraine as in Thailand or the Philippines. Everyone around is civilised, disciplined, polite, so some pre-integration is needed.

Be aware that girls who seem extremely easy at nightclubs and in bars, are either expensive professionals or traps organized by local mafia. Normal women in Ukraine are never too easy.

Even Bimbos who like attention and souvenirs, or bored housewives who need a company, demand some kind of courtship, at least a brief version of it. Be gallant all way long, it pays better.

Although Ukraine cannot be called a dangerous country at all, except for the conflict zone, better don’t go out alone late at night and don’t just catch any cab on the road. Let your hotel do this.

The good thing is that many people in Ukraine speak good English, or at least basic English. When in the store or in some place of culture, you can always ask for help.

Europeans don’t need visa for visiting Ukraine. Australians can visit for two weeks without applying for a visa. Americans, Canadians, and British men should better ask before going.

It’s a separate problem with bank cards and cash machines in Ukraine, while no one informs about that. Not all ATM are compatible with all western bank cards, also often out of money.

One tip regarding that: what your bank gives you an extra card for travel expenses, don’t take the extra card, take the main card with you. Then you will be able to solve any issues online or by phone.

The weather in Ukraine is rarely cold, but it happens to be misty and rainy. So better take one umbrella with you than several jackets and sweaters. And of course, take your good mood with you!

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