The most basic tutorial on dating Ukrainian women

Ukrainian Women Dating

The most basic tutorial on dating Ukrainian women


Although there is a poetic stereotype that women are "mysterious and enigmatic”, they are extremely predictable. Did you know that?

Ukrainian women aren’t an exception. They want a man to solve their problems; they are jealous and don’t want to share his attention with anyone else; they expect a good dinner and some pocket money from him; they are tired after working day and want some nice flowers and massage; they are always in need of new shoes. That’s basically all about dating women you need to know.

Some Ukrainian girls are very funny in their frankness. If to follow their logic, a girl is a man’s accessory, a kind of glamorous puppy of prestigious breed. She needs expensive grooming and nice decorations, to highlight a man’s success. If her appearance isn’t sponsored by a man, she looks like a messy homeless dog.

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Isn’t that hilarious?

It’s better to avoid the girls with such thinking though and go for easy-going, down-to-earth women who manage to look great even being short in money. A true femininity grows through any obstacles and barriers just like a wild flower. Being naturally beautiful and healthy saves a lot of money. Girls with a big heart know that a man’s personality and attitude are most important, and they’ll always find a way to look pretty and motivate their man for new opportunities. Yes it’s rare, but it exists.

As to jealousy, there are several very different ways to avoid the scandal. The best way is that she’s soft and wise and not capable of making scandals at all. Another way is that you’re both Christians and don’t practice cheating. If she’s freaking out anyway, remind her about that.

Finally, the last solution is an experienced playboy’s wisdom. Are you the one? In any case, you probably know, that luckiest men who date several gorgeous model-looking girls, simply know how to treat them. It’s a lot of work but it’s very rewarding. The flowers, perfumes, jewelry and massage are included. Ok relax: sometimes just the best sex in their life is enough. They are constantly in the euphoric condition and that doesn’t allow them to be jealous.

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Well, not all Ukrainian women are that passionate and romantic so it rarely works. They are reasonable, pragmatic, and very attentive to details. They also have built-in lie-detectors. But if they are sure about certain profit, they are going to tolerate the situation. In other words, she perfectly knows how much your salary is and if you are spending it only on her, she doesn’t mind other things.

Very young girls aren’t that wise yet. But you can distract them by providing them a personal freedom they need, due to their age. Let them eat pizza with friends or go out to the club from time to time. They’ll be thankful and you can keep on exploring life while they are busy partying.

Another typical women’s demand is your attentiveness towards their parents. But you’ll be relieved to know there’s nothing like an obligatory "Friday dinner” with a mother like in USA, or a "one weekend in a month” spent in a restaurant like in Europe. A girl either calls and texts her mother every 30 minutes or doesn’t do that at all. A conflict of generations is very typical for Ukraine. But in any situation, your girl will be expecting you to congratulate her mom for her Birthday, New Year’s eve, and the Women’s Day on the 8th of March. That’s a must. The flowers and a box of chocolates are the best choice, although very trivial. If you keep on remembering about those three holidays, you are called the best man / boyfriend / husband / son-in-law. No other polite gestures are needed!

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We cannot guarantee that your girl’s father isn’t demanding though. He might need some proofs from time to time, they you’re "a true man” and "their beloved son-in-law”. Even if your relationship with their daughter isn’t officially registered! This good old man’s requirements will cost you nothing. Just drink his favorite home-made moonshine together with him. How often? Oh don’t limit yourself by the calendar. The correct answer is "every evening”!..

There’s nothing complicated about family traditions in Ukraine but you should watch your health and your relationship with a girl. Doesn’t matter what her parents want, her main demand is you and your presence.

Isn’t it bloody good, after all?


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