Do guys talk to their friends about hookups and ask for advice

It is known without saying men like to discuss their intimate victories and daily hookups. Asking each other, how it went, is equal to asking about the weather and work.

Not everyone is asking for a piece of advice regularly though. It also greatly depends on the extroverted or introverted nature of a guy and the concrete situation in general.

Lots of men are delicate enough not to expect their friend’s comments when they share the same girl for hookups or have sex with the other’s relative. There is a diplomacy.

In the rest of circumstances, the discussions can be quite active and fruitful. Not always, the guys are even arrogant about their trophies. They may talk routinely about sex.

If it still hurts a girl’s dignity, she shall better hook up with quiet guys who aren’t talkative. While the party animals and alpha males would be into gossip and rumor anyway.

The hookup culture itself is very open, transparent, and provocative itself, experts say. One shouldn’t be offended or surprised by its side effects, as it’s a human factor.



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