Best 3 dating apps in Ukraine and how to use them

The cost of travel to Ukraine and girls’ mentality

Why would they be into international dating online?

Top dating apps to use in Ukraine

No. 3 app. LovePlanet

No. 2 app. Badoo

No. 1 app. Brilic



The cost of travel to Ukraine and girls’ mentality

Meeting Ukrainian girls online is easy, since many of them are committed to meet foreigners. Men in Ukraine are often very passive by nature, while western men are confident and interested.

Among all Eastern European countries, Ukraine is perfect for travel dating and here is why. It is still comparably inexpensive, it is picturesque, and girls there are very open-hearted.

All Baltic countries are pricey to visit, not talking about Moscow. Belarus is very low-budget but somewhat boring and restricting. Ukraine is really a single’s choice number one.

It’s true that prices were 5 times lower prior to the Maidan Revolution, but experts are saying now it had been done in artificial ways. In any case, a tourist can eat, dress, and visit places cheaply.

The exception is probably very central districts of Odessa and Kyiv that are very commercial. But even there, it’s highly possible to find good restaurants and clubs with fair prices.

We mentioned Ukraine is picturesque and it’s like that indeed. There are awesome beaches in many Ukrainian cities, not talking about unique pieces of architecture and places of nature.Ukraine is beautiful

Again, one can spend time accordingly to his wallet. There are beaches for free, but not really clean, or beaches that charge for the entrance but they include swimming pools and waiters with drinks.

Finally, the girls. Oh, the girls! They cannot be compared to any other nationality in Eastern Europe. They’re too special in all regards! Women in Ukraine had all opportunities to grow different.

Some pre-history: after the USSR fell apart, some countries remained in the cloud of pro-communistic vision while others chose a super progressive step forward and cutting out the past.

Countries like Poland, Georgia, Estonia followed the second scenario of development. Russia, Belarus, and some other dependent countries obviously went for the first option.

While for Ukraine, there was a long golden era when no one really affected them. It means, women’s mentality wasn’t under communistic or under western influence either.

The consequences of both of these extreme philosophies we know pretty well, but Ukrainian girls remain far from hypocritical conservatism of from feminist attitudes. They keep the balance!

That’s probably why one can find Filipina-like femininity and devotion in them, Canadian-like level of education, Italian-like class and fashionable look, without the flaws of all those nationalities.

They cook a lot just like Mexicans, work a lot like Turkish modern women (it often means day and night long), and remain flirtatious like Brazilians. Maybe it’s a normal evolution for females?

Now as a part of European Union, Ukraine is going to be more and more affected by common tendencies like family values weakening and being gender-dissociated, but they are still nearly perfect.


Why would they be into international dating online?

Although Ukraine is still considered a poor country, the cult of cool gadgets definitely exists there. It’s typical for people to take bank credits just to buy a new iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy.

And of course, both young girls and mature women spend a lot of time on phone applications. Mostly, those are social networks, but also entertaining hookup apps popular worldwide.

Particularly, a girl can just get plenty of likes there and be someone’s favourite, so it flatters her and lifts her mood up. Many do that instead of watching movies, or reading books.

Finally, an hour or at least thirty minutes a day, Ukrainian woman spends on serious dating apps or sites. This usually requires longer messages, wise selection of photos, time-wasting videochats.

So a girl must chose a proper time period for that and keep an eye on her other duties. That’s why one shouldn’t be disappointed if Ukrainian girl is offline at times. It’s rather healthy, and normal.

It’s more suspicious if she is messaging you 24/7, as it can mean she is a professional dater. No one would want to be explored in any way, so go for girls who are offline part of the ukraine dating apps

Ukraine is also perfect for international dating and marriages for another unique reason, women’s open-mindedness and emotional/intellectual flexibility. They’re mature in big decisions.

It’s true that some other Eastern European women are interested in foreigners for wrong reasons, such as finding financial solutions in them, or trying to escape from their homeland.

But Ukraine is beautiful, affordable to live in, quite peaceful excepting the localized conflict area, so there’s no big urge for girls to leave it. They can travel without a man, but prefer to be in love.

As you probably know, by new rules, Ukrainians can travel to Europe without visa, and stay for 30 days every 90 days. It’s convenient both for European men who date them, and for westerners.

Just European countries are perfect for vacationing, including short weekend trips. Some of those countries are fairly inexpensive to visit, such as Hungary or Romania.

It opens amazing opportunities to be romantic with your chosen one or just bring some variety into your Ukrainian hookups. So yes, girls in Ukraine are very mobile and progressive.

Best 3 dating apps

Top dating apps to use in Ukraine

You may have heard of these applications and sites before, especially if you’re into Eastern European dating. But it never hurts to repeat and confirm they really work!

It’s refreshing to meet a hot woman right away instead of wasting a lot of time on the right application search. So use one of these, and enjoy your super cool adventure in Ukraine.

No. 3 app. LovePlanet

This platform is filled with seventy percent of Ukrainian and Russian users and around thirty percent of foreign users. The competition with local men isn’t something you should be worried about.

Even if some women are initially focused on locals, reportedly, they quickly get tired of their vulgar and shallow behaviour. Here is where a well-mannered westerner has all chances!

LovePlanet can be used for free, but with limited features. Extra payments for non-match messaging or the profile highlighting aren’t big though. It remains pretty high-rated.

No. 2 app. Badoo

This one is used rather for fun, but still, very typical for all Ukrainian women. They add their new pictures and check how much other people like it. Sometimes, chatting is possible too.

A good side is that girls registered there, are theoretically prepared to attract foreign men and often speak some English. It provides a proper background for visiting them in real.

No. 1 app. Brilic

Brilic is growing very popular among Ukrainian singles. It has an informative dating blog for Russian speaking women, and there are many of them in all Eastern Europe.

Although its membership is a bit above average, girls can use it for free, and there is a free trial period for all users. The app is really innovative, trendy, yet easy to use, so it is the favourite.

There are many success stories already from Brilic members, both describing happy hookups and harmonious long-term relationships. It has something to do with a good matching system.

As a result, many people chose to leave old-fashioned and shallow apps like Badoo or Tinder and switch to Brilic where meaningful and frank communication is highly possible.

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