Dating a Ukrainian woman is every man’s dream. Simply being in the presence of such a lovely woman is an honor. Their beauty and overall energy are both exciting and intimidating. When there is a spectacular woman before you there to get to know you, it is only natural to want to impress.
The first thing to remember about Ukrainian women dating is that you must take and embrace the leadership role. She is only there to have a wonderful time in your company. In Ukrainian culture, the women do not plan dates, pay for dinner, lead the conversation or even take their own transportation to and from the date location so everything is completely up to you. The reason for this has to do with social etiquette. Also, remember to never shake a woman’s hand. It is improper in the country and you really shouldn’t shake a date’s hand in the first place (awkward).
Next, maintain a friendly attitude throughout every single date. Smile, nod your head and lean in to show interest. All are crucial in Ukrainian women dating. Ukrainian people are very friendly and love to interact with others. You will probably notice that your date talks about herself quite a bit. When she does, do not stop her. This is her way of opening up and telling you what she wants you to know about her. It is definitely a good sign so embrace the babble.
Lastly, after meeting a woman on and traveling to see her, expect an invite to her home if all public dates go well. This is a sign that she likes you. When you do, dress casually, bring a small gift and an appetite. Wine, champagne, vodka, cognac or flowers (just bring an odd number of flowers) are all good. As for the food, hosts offer it in abundance so enjoy the fare.